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Express Renewal

Effecting Renewal of Your Insurance Policy

Effecting renewal of your insurance policy has never been easier!  It can be effected by internet banking through either Bank of Valletta plc or HSBC Malta plc. Click on or through the relative menus until you arrive to the section where payments to third parties can be effected.  Our bank details are as follows:

Bank of Valletta plc
Premier Services Ltd
Account No: 

Kindly make sure to write down your name and policy number when effecting payment using this method.

Alternatively you can fill in and submit the form below:

Express Insurance Policy Renewal Form

Kindly complete all the lines of this form.
*Please tick checkbox to confirm renewal before submitting.
I hereby authorise you to renew the above mentioned insurance policy and to invoice me/us with the relative premium due. I also undertake to effect payment immediately to Premier Services Ltd upon receipt of the relative invoice.